99% Efficiency



The ICERGi PFC platform delivers efficiency exceeding 99% over a wide power range and offers the best-in-class performance/cost ratio.

Low Cost Variant

Lowest Cost, Highest Efficiency PFC.

This design uses diode rectification, trading 0.2% of efficiency for 33% lower cost.

PFC Performance Data

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Bi-Directional PFC-Inverter

For highest performance applications where cost is not the primary concern, a PFC with synchronous line rectification offers the highest efficiency.

Synchronous rectification also enables bi-directional power flow which allows the PFC to operate as an Inverter.

One example application may be AC-Interfaced energy storage. A simplified system block diagram is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 AC Interfaced Storage Block Diagram

PFC Performance Data

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Inverter Performance Data

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