Unlock Potential of Totem-pole Bridgeless PFC by Low-cost Control & Isolated Drive

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The current industry focus has been on deploying either wide band gap (WBG) or low voltage Silicon switches to enable 99% efficiency in totem-pole bridgeless PFC. However, the wide adoption of the totem-pole bridgeless solution for multiple markets and applications would require more than just the readiness of power components. The topic that is often overlooked in recent literature is the need for low-cost control and isolated drive solutions.

ICERGi’s low-cost PFC control and drive ICs enable the inherent advantages of totem-pole bridgeless PFC to be realized in a practical and cost-effective fashion at power levels from 600W to 3.3kW for single-phase AC/DC markets.

For a more detailed description please see the full article published on Bodo’s Power magazine from April 2021 issue.