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The ICERGi Advantage

Industry Leading PFC Efficiency

ICERGi control & drive technologies enable 99% PFC efficiency by using proven multi-source MOSFET switches. In fact, we use AEC-Q101 approved MOSFETs in our power delivery stage!
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50% Lower Cost

Power stage components in ICERGi designs typically amount to 50% lower cost as compared to GaN implementations.
The use of MOSFETs also allows significant long-term bargaining power through multiple sourcing possibilities.

75% Smaller Inductor

Smaller core + Less copper = 50% lower cost + 25% lower loss.

Our PFC designs require four times smaller inductors as compared to conventional implementations and overall, our footprints are 20% smaller!
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2.5% Boost in Lowline Efficiency

ICERGi uses bridgeless totem pole PFC which enables circa 2% gain in efficiency at lowline while the use of a smaller inductor can help to increase efficiency further by 0.5%.

ICERGi Technologies

Digital Control. Gate Drivers. Multilevel.

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