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The ICERGi Advantage

Leading PFC Efficiency

ICERGi control and drive ICs deliver green energy through innovation. It enables 99% PFC efficiency by the use of proven multi-source MOSFET switching devices. This allows to meet the most stringent efficiency requirements such as Titanium level certification introduced by 80 PLUS program.

For more information, check out 2kW and 3kW PFC solutions.

50% Lower Cost

Power stage components in ICERGi designs typically amount to 50% lower cost as compared to GaN-based implementations.
The use of silicon MOSFETs also allows a significant long-term bargaining power through multiple sourcing possibilities.

75% Smaller Inductor

Smaller core + Less copper = 50% lower cost + 25% lower loss.

Our PFC designs require four times smaller inductors as compared to conventional implementations. The design can benefit from 50% BOM cost savings and overall solution size reduction with smaller footprints up to 20%!

Interested in how we achieved it? – Learn more

Low Noise and Reliable

At ICERGi we pay extra attention to reliability of our designs. Multilevel bridgeless totem-pole PFCs are designed to operate well within their electrical and thermal safe operating areas.

150V MOSFET devices retain their operating margins of around 20% (30V) even during the maximum loading conditions.
Efficient power conversion and excellent heat dissipation ensures that all MOSFETs operate at less than 40% of their maximum rated temperature with minimal airflow. – Learn More

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