PFC Control Card


  • Fully integrated digital controller and isolated gate driver solution for conventional and 3-level totem-pole boost PFC
  • Enable 99% efficiency using standard Silicon FETs and capable of working with Wide-Band-Gap devices
  • Allow wide ranges of power (300W – 3kW) and applications including industrial, medical, and server markets
  • Inherent low-cost and best-in-class performance of ICERGI Digital Control Algorithm and Gate Driver
  • Advanced algorithms allow excellent transient response with small bulk capacitance
  • Supports low-power burst-mode operation
  • UVLO for managed startup
  • Full protection suite with monitoring of bulk capacitor voltage, input voltage and current



The ICERGi PFC Control card (IC93-001) combines control and gate drivers into one package for the Power Factor Correction (PFC) stage in AC-DC power conversion. This implementation is suited for a 3-Level converter leg with series-stacked 150V FETs as illustrated by Fig. 1.

Input(AC)/Output(Bulk capacitor) voltages and current are monitored to provide UVLO, OVLO and Over-Current protection.

Pins are also provided for signalling with an isolation stage, allowing transmission of a power-fail warning signal and an inhibit signal.

This control card integrates TruDrive™ technology, a high performance low cost gate drive solution, to drive stacked low voltage transistors in a 3-Level configuration. Drivers for Thyristors are also included in the module.

The circuit block is implemented in a 26.3 x 35.3 mm PCB, with pin-out as shown. When coupled with a power board, this forms a module intended for vertical mounting on a main PCB board.

Fig. 1  PFC Control Card and application circuit